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Another english talk
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Jeudi 18 Janvier 2018

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Hey everyone! 
Great people!
Interesting stories!
Funny moments!

... you will not regret 


How does it work?

You know that every Thursday another English Talk is organized. You come (between 9 and 11pm, no subscription is necessary), get some drink (or not), choose someone who looks nice and start talking with him. Don't be shy, don't worry, everyone is here with the same idea on mind  If you want to start the conversation with anyone else, just do it, change your place,... feel free to feel good!  


How have all this started?

In February 2015, I created English talks BREST (Bretagne), weekly evening meetings in a bar where a glass of wine/beer/water was helping every participant to speak English. And thus create new amazing friendships, gather new ideas from all around the world, discover local traditions or share Breton culture with newbies to Brest ):-


Soo... I would love to CONTINUE this excellent TRADITION here in TOULON. It is so easy to jump into a discussion with someone who, under normal circumstances, you would never have talked to! You can be sure to have an amazing and amusing Thursdays, and last but not least - you can use/improve your spoken English (y) :-) No matter if you are French, German, American, Norwegian, African,.. everyone is more than welcome!


FYI, more than 300 English speakers participated in English Talks, Brest, between Feb 2015 and Dec 2016.


And here in Toulon, the first and the second time we were 13. And the other time about 22. It is not my goal to get 50 people to the bar! However, if you have a friend who might be interested, bring him over (y)

Now... what are you waiting for?
Join us every Thursday at 9pm!

(more info on F B page English talks, Toulon, F B group, or in couchsurfing event list)

FYI you don't need to subscribe. Other English speakers, other participants, friends, friends of friends,.. are coming without subscribing. So just keep in mind that you can have a drink in English EVERY SINGLE THURSDAY. If you are free - join us. If not - never mind! 

I am looking forward to meeting you soon :-)
Fina from Czech republic

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